Sky’s the limit!


Sky’s the limit!

Apeer customer Skyline Windows recently upgraded their van fleet and choose a number of doors from the Apeer range to feature in the design. Without a doubt the most noteable choice is the set of cheeky pink doors on the back!

‘’We wanted to stand out from the competition and attract attention’’, explains Lyn, spokesperson for Skyline Windows, ‘’and we thought the best way to do this was to go with a bold, striking image. I think we have achieved this. From the comments we have received since the vans have been on the road we have definitely caught a lot of interest and while bright pink might not be the number one choice of front door for every customer, they are keen to see what else we can offer.’’

We look forward to seeing Lyn’s van on the roads in the coming months, they certainly aren’t easy to miss!

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