Very often, a glass is kept clear, used only for letting light in, or looking out, but glass can be more than that, it can be beautiful, it can bring back memories of your favourite place, or at least, that’s what one of our customers decided to use it for. They decided to take full advantage of our ability to use custom decorative glass designs in our Apeer doors to provide a door that checks all boxes, it’s safe, secure, efficient, durable and on top of all these things, visually attractive.

They decided to have a scenic view of a local lighthouse put into their glass, a perfect example of just how personal your bespoke glass designs can be, displaying something significant to you or your family in a way that adds to your door, with zero compromises.

An Apeer door offers you the ultimate ability to choose, with bespoke colours and glass designs and three different product ranges, you can design a door that’s exactly how you want it to be.

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