Everybody is different. That’s a very important statement to keep in mind when designing product ranges and new styles. It means that our customers’ doors can be more than just a blank template, mass produced with maybe a different colour of paint. We know that people have different houses and that a bespoke door is just what they need to achieve that perfect match.

First of all, there’s the Traditional Collection. This style of door will fit best in most older or more familial houses as well as houses designed to be traditional. It’s style would definitely be similar to what you probably imagine a door to look like. We have 11 styles available in our traditional range, all with our special fibreglass skin with wood grain effect.

Secondly, there’s contemporary. This style is more suited towards modern houses and is more than a match for most houses if you want to make a statement, even on a more traditional house. There are 29 styles in the contemporary range, you’re sure to find one that you love.

Finally there’s the Modo Collection. These doors are capable of keeping up with even the most modern of houses and are exactly what you need if you’re looking for a door that’s safe and secure without compromising on the style. There are 12 Modo styles, perfect for brightening up your doorway.

It goes without saying that all the ranges are worth looking through before buying your door, regardless of style. We’ve designed all our styles to be visually appealing, so regardless of choice, you know you’re definitely going to get a beautiful new door. Make sure that when it comes to finishing touches on your house, Apeer’s your secret weapon.

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