If you’re going to buy a high quality door, you want a high quality handle. You want to feel satisfaction while opening and closing your door. The handle should feel solid and like part of the door itself, and, of course, should look the part too.

With our Apeer door we use Karcher Design handles. We are able to offer handles in a variety of colours and styles, including, as we are now proud to announce, bar handles on the outside and a conventional handle on the inside, allowing for a wider range of options for you, our customers and ensuring that you get not only a door that looks the way you want, but a handle that matches, without compromising on the security you’ve come to expect from Apeer.

We also offer the option to have your handle separate from your lock, allowing to cut down on bulky handles and escutcheon plates for a modern or minimalistic look, without negative effects on security, a system which is integral to allowing us to offer our bar handle outside and conventional handle inside option to our customers, allowing you to have your dream door.

With an Apeer door, you can consider your security, handled.


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