smooth as silka – new door range for Apeer!


smooth as silka – new door range for Apeer!

On hearing the words
‘smooth as silk’ you’d be forgiven for instantly imagining creamy Belgian chocolate, intense roasted coffee or a high–end skincare product,perhaps. After all, such a charming turn of phrase could be used to describe each of these with seemingly exquisite grandeur. For Apeer Doors however, it’s a play on the Swedish word ‘silke’, or Silka, as their new range of smooth skin doors is called. 

Silka products join a prestigious range offered by Apeer Doors, who already have their Traditional, Contemporary and Modo composite doors firmly established in the industry marketplace alongside their Lumi and Lumi2 seamless glazing systems. The offering is a direct response to a growing popularity for smooth skin doors, initiated by trendsetting aluminium doors.

Silka is a welcome addition to the current Apeer product range;the matt finish complements the door glass beautifully. In the initial weeks customers can choose from eight stylish designs in either Anthracite Grey or Light Grey;
these will shortly be followed by even more colour choices and designs later in the year.

For more information please contact us directly.


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