Get creative with colour!


Get creative with colour!

When picking a new door, there’s always the temptation to choose a door that’s the same colour as your windows or your walls or that is the same as the old one, but this doesn’t have to be the case. Sometimes, the most visually impactful colour choices are ones that contrast with the existing colour palette of a house to emphasize and draw attention to the door, or the opposite, adding pale colours on to a white house can add an extra layer of depth and character to a house whilst providing an inoffensive finish. 

 Don’t be afraid to think outside the box when designing your door. We encourage you to experiment and try something new, after all, with our unique colour matching system and our ability to use RAL and BS numbers for your door, new is what we do best. 

A great way to experiment with our different options is by using our doorbuilder.  Click HERE to try it for yourself.

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