Valentines day is quickly approaching and it is around this time that people start to worry about what they are going to give their significant other that will really take their breath away.

Why not sit down with your loved one this Valentines Day and order a brand new bespoke composite door? Not only will it look great and improve the value of your house, it will also protect you from any unwanted guests wanting to make off with your valuable possessions.

Of course, we can customize our doors to your requests, meaning we can offer a Valentines day themed door if you’d like, using custom RAL numbers for a Rose Red paint finish and a bespoke glass unit, designed by you and made in our specialist in–house glass studio.

There is also great possibility for theatrics, you could arrange for the door to be fitted while your significant other is out of the house, for a pleasant suprise on their return that’s sure to put you in their good books.

It’s a gift that looks good, is low maintenance, saves you money, keeps you safe, and it’s sure to make a lasting impression, so why not inquire today?

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