Which threshold should you choose?


Which threshold should you choose?

One of the many crucial factors to consider when ordering a door is your threshold choice. It can leave you asking questions like; are there any advantages to one threshold over the other? Which type do I need? Which threshold is most efficient? This blog should help answer these questions. 

First of all I will address the matter of efficiency, is there any difference in energy efficiency between the different thresholds? Generally, threshold choice only has a minimal impact on U–values, with the maximum difference between the U–values of a door with the most efficient threshold generally being about 0.05w/m2k better than the same door with our least efficient threshold. This won’t make a massive difference, however if you’re planning your project around U–values and thermal performance, it’s definitely worth taking into consideration. Our full and low thresholds are our most efficient offerings. 

Another important factor is requirements. Those who require special access requirements will need to opt for our wheelchair access threshold or our mobility access threshold for ease of access depending on your needs. Other than that, it’s just down to personal preference and what you think looks good. 

Finally, what are the advantages of one threshold compared to the other? The main advantage to the wheelchair access and mobility thresholds are ease of access. Their low and unobtrusive nature makes them perfect for any situation where the extra mobility would be beneficial. The main advantages of our uPVC Full and Low thresholds are a slight increase in energy efficiency alongside the ability to paint the threshold the same colour as the rest of your door. This slight improvement in U–values, while minor, does make a difference, and the ability to match your threshold to your door does can have a serious impact to the aesthetics of your door.   

I hope this information helps you decide on which threshold is best suited for your door, and of course, if you have any questions, feel free to email us to with any further questions. 

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