Draught Resistant Doors!


Draught Resistant Doors!

With storm Brendan recently passing through the UK and Ireland, many homeowners have come to the unpleasant realization that their doors aren’t quite as draught proof as they might have thought.

Most front and back doors are single rebated, with one seal where the external face of the door meets the frame. These doors might be fine in sheltered locations when the weather is calm but when strong winds come around, their protection can be lacking. This is when the double rebated door comes into its element with it’s second internal weather seal where the inside of the door meets the frame. When the wind and rain get heavy enough to get through the external seal, there’s still an extra level of defence protecting your home from the elements. 

Don’t compromise on composite. Get the best protection for your home with a 70mm thick double rebated Apeer door. 

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