Ali’s palace now complete with Apeer door


Ali’s palace now complete with Apeer door

Apeer staff member, Ali McMullan, is delighted with her newly installed contemporary style Apeer70 door.

‘’Everyone is really impressed when they visit us, even a delivery man commented on how great it looked and he was only on the doorstep for five minutes! It has completely transformed the appearance of the front of the house. I’m so pleased with how it has turned out.

There is a lot of choice of door styles and colour options and I knew I wanted a dark grey so the Anthracite finish was perfect. I love contemporary styling and it stands out from neighbouring properties. My father–in–law can’t believe how much better it looks and performs compared to PVC doors.

I’ve noticed a big difference in sound reduction as we live near a busy main road. I know the Apeer70 thickness will be an asset in winter and will keep the heat in my house. Even my dogs love it!’’

Ali has seen an increase in extensions and renovations in her area and she is delighted to lead in style with her new contemporary door. Excellent choice Ali!

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