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Door Care

Door care

Our doors are chosen by homeowners who appreciate exceptional craftsmanship, timeless elegance and built-to-last quality. They quickly discover that all this good stuff means plenty more. A quieter, warmer and stylish home. A more relaxed, peaceful and secure life.

Door Care

A big part of what makes Apeer composite doors special is the minimal level of care and added security our doors provide.

Our doors are chosen by homeowners who appreciate exceptional craftsmanship, timeless elegance, and built-to-last quality. They quickly discover that having a secure and low-maintenance composite door comes with a whole host of benefits.

How to take care of composite doors

We’ve all had a front door that falls foul of the elements. Cleaning your front door can be tricky; never the case when you have an Apeer composite door. With any of our standard colour doors, all you ever need to do to keep the door clean is a quick wipe with warm soapy water. The finish of the doors means you don’t need to have any special cleaners or equipment to keep your Apeer door looking its best.

With the door unit made from one material, you never need to worry about long-term aftercare problems with traditional door frames, such as warping or bends. And if you’re worried about how the door handles the elements, our triple-glazed double-rebated design means the door never has any problems with the weather.

First time shopping for composite doors? We have a guide that helps you understand more about these unique doors here.

What to know about taking care of Apeer doors

To help you keep your door looking as good as new, even years after installation, we have some general suggestions around maintaining the letterbox, hinges, knockers etc., that you can find here.

On top of this, please always remember that you shouldn’t attempt to clean with any abrasive cleaning products as it can damage the custom paint job on your door.

What makes our composite doors safe

All Apeer doors have a multi-point locking system. Paired with the highly insulating polyurethane core, you’re looking at a composite door that is as secure as they come.

With two thicknesses to choose from, you’re looking at composite doors that are strong and reinforced. Our 44mm doors have a super-strong, highly insulating polyurethane core and flush fit. Our 70mm doors are incredibly high strength and come with metal reinforcing in the core. The double steel hinge bolts keep the door structurally sound from day one.

Apeer doors also have added security features such as:

  • Flag hinges
  • Steel hinge bolts
  • Strong coupling bars
  • Anti-pick and anti-drill lock barrels

Helping you find the perfect composite door                                            

At Apeer, we want to help you find the perfect door for your home. Having a unique composite door is much easier than you thank. You can start designing your dream door right now with our door builder.

If you need any help or have any questions about getting composite doors fitted in your home, please get in touch with our team directly right here.