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  • 10-year-warranty

    10-Year Warranty

  • Secured by Design

    Secured by Design

  • A-Rated by Design

    A++ Rated by Design

White Composite Doors

White Composite Doors

White is the colour of perfection and choosing a white composite door leaves the impression of a clean and minimalist home. White is a truly ideal choice for a front door as it lends itself to any property.

Is a white front door
right for your home?

Premium Accessories

Designed with care, our accessories have been created to complement our white composite door collections. From traditional rustic metalwork to contemporary polished chrome.

Perfect Finish

 Our designers have created a beautiful range of white doors – with a variety of shades available. From standard brilliant white to off white shades and everything in between.

Effortless Maintenance

We don’t brush on our paint. It’s sprayed, bonded, and sealed onto each door, meaning your white door won’t crack, peel or flake. Ever.

Highly secure white front doors

Our white composite doors have been created with the highest levels of security – meaning we match style with substance when it comes to your door. We fit a multipoint locking system as standard on every white front door.

Exclusive Glass Designs

Our designers have created a beautiful collection of window accent tints to complement our composite door furniture. Available in traditional or avant-garde shape and bevel combinations, the accent tints also come in a flat matt or mirrored chrome finish.

Our Door Guarantees

The solid ‘thwump’ when you close an Apeer door sounds like no other. It’s a signal of its superior construction, reinforced frame and airtight seals. ‘Thwump’ – it’s short for great looks, safer homes and cozy nights in by the fire.

Apeer Door Ranges - Police approved icon
Police approved

Police Approved

Every Apeer composite door comes with a multi-point locking system as well as a super-strong, high-density polyurethane core that far exceeds all police-approved security standards.

Apeer Door Ranges - Secured By Design Icon
Secured by design

Secured by Design

Install an Apeer door and you’ll have the weight of our entire design team and security specialists protecting you and your home from intruders. Our white composite doors comfortably meet all industry-standard impact and cut-through tests.

Apeer Composite Doors - Robust Contruction Icon
Robust construction

Robust Construction

Every Apeer composite front and back door comes with high strength from within. An expanded mesh reinforcing is inserted into the super-strong core alongside an extremely strong vertical steel bar.

Apeer Door Ranges - Airtight icon

Virtually Airtight

Every white composite front or back door is virtually airtight. Our double-sealed rebate is virtually airtight by creating an internal secondary seal.

Apeer Door Ranges - Insulation icon

Extra Insulation

Along with our 70mm super-strong, high insulating polyurethane core, glass elements are triple glazed for extra insulation. We can even gas-fill them for improved thermal performance.

Apeer Door Ranges - Sleeping icon

Rest Easy

Rest easy – each one of our modern white composite doors is as intruder-proof as they come. Good to know, whether you’re tucked up at home or away for the night. 

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Need some inspiration?

If you’re not sure which door best suits you, click below to have a look at our most popular doors styles and colour choices. Or, download our free e-brochure which contains everything you’ll need to know about an Apeer door.

Are white composite doors low maintenance?

Composite doors are very low maintenance and require minimal upkeep. At Apeer, our composite doors are finished with a tough and hard-wearing paint. To keep your composite door looking fresh, we recommend regularly cleaning it with hot soapy water and using a soft microfibre cloth. This can be done once a month or as often as you like.

Does a white composite front door increase home value?

The front door is the first thing a visitor sees when they visit your property, often setting the standard of what they can expect to find inside. Expert estate agents say that the colour of your front door can have a huge impact on the sale.

Why are white front doors so popular?

Whether you are looking for a modern white front door, white French doors or a white front door with glass, having an external white door will tell people you are clean, organised, and make for welcoming hosts. Traditionally associated with purity and calm, it is no wonder that white composite front doors are a very popular choice.

How secure are Apeer’s white composite doors?

Every Apeer composite door far exceeds all Police-approved security standards. An expanded mesh reinforcing is inserted into the super-strong, high-density polyurethane core alongside an extremely strong vertical steel bar.

Which is best composite or uPVC doors

Both products have their own benefits. Composite doors, though more expensive, tend to be more popular due to their robust, long-lasting structure.”

What is the difference between uPVC and composite doors?

The difference between uPVC and composite doors is in the materials. uPVC doors are constructed solely of uPVC (a strong and durable form of plastic), whereas composite doors are made from materials including a solid timber core, glass-reinforced polyester skins and uPVC frame.”

What paint is used on composite doors and can they be repainted?

The paint used on composite doors is extremely hard-wearing. Composite doors can be repainted, but you would need to use the correct paint for the job. Most composite doors are finished with polyurethane paint, which will need to be used to repaint.

Do composite door colours fade?

The paint used on Apeer doors is extremely hard-wearing; however, a build-up of dirt and toxins from pollution can degrade the paint finish and reduce its life expectancy.

Are composite doors weatherproofed?

Composite doors are designed to eliminate draughts and keep your home protected from the weather. Composite doors have an energy-efficient core and are A-rated for warmth, with double rebating and weatherproof seals.

How thermally efficient is a composite door?

Apeer’s composite doors are fitted with energy-efficient double glazing or triple glazing and toughened safety glass as standard. Any double or triple glazed panels are A-rated, meaning our composite external doors excel in thermal efficiency too.

What are composite doors made of?

Composite doors are crafted with quality materials such as timber core, glass-reinforced polyester skins and internal insulation. Apeer’s composite doors have a 70mm super-strong, high insulating polyurethane core and the glass elements are triple glazed.