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  • 10-year-warranty

    10-Year Warranty

  • Secured by Design

    Secured by Design

  • A-Rated by Design

    A++ Rated by Design

Security Features


You’re in safe hands.

Install an Apeer door and you’ll have the weight of our entire design team and security specialists protecting you and your home from intruders. Our doors comfortably exceed all industry standard impact and cut-through tests.


Rest easy – our doors are as intruder-proof as they come. Good to know, whether you’re tucked up at home or away for the night. Every Apeer door comes with a multi-point locking system as well as a super-strong, high insulating polyurethane core that far exceeds all Police-approved security standards.


Every Apeer door comes with high strength from within. An expanded mesh reinforcing is inserted into the super-strong, high density polyurethane core alongside an extremely strong vertical steel bar that together, far exceeds all Police-approved security standards.

From police-approved locks to rhino-resistant frames

Apeer Security Features - locking-system


Multi-point locking system is fitted as standard to reinforce the concept of safety in your home.

Apeer Security Features - Steel Bolts


Hardened steel hinge bolts. These hardened steel bolts make it virtually impossible to force open our doors or lift them off their hinges.

Apeer Security Features - Coupling Bar


Sidelights are coupled with aluminium bar for greater security, rigidity and stability.

Apeer Security Features - Glazing Units

Glazing Units

Apeer doors have triple glazed units as standard and are internally glazed without exception preventing easy access.

Apeer Security Features - Unique Glazing System

Unique glazing system

Matching timber-effect raised mouldings fitted to the inside of the door and covers our reinforced, fully insulated toughened glazed units.

Apeer Security Features - Yale Locking System

Locking system

Multi-point Yale locking system features two rollers, three hooks, two deadbolts and a latch. It secures the door from top to bottom.

Apeer Security Features - Kitemark Cylinder

Kitemark cylinder

Anti-bump, anti-drill, anti-pick and anti-snap Kitemarked cylinder lock barrels are fitted as standard.

Apeer Security Features - Hinges


Flag or butt hinges are fitted to Apeer doors to allow for adjustment.

Apeer Security Features - double rebated door seal

Virtually Airtight

Our double sealed rebate is virtually airtight by creating an internal secondary seal.

Ultion Guarantee

We also offer an optional upgrade to a high security 3* anti-snap Ultion Cylinder.

Should a burglary take place within 5 years from the date of installation and entry was achieved by snapping an Ultion lock, Ultion will pay you £2,000.