What is a Composite Door?


What is a Composite Door?

When doing your research into the types of door you may want to have for your home, the two choices which many will come across are standard UPVC doors and composite doors.

While UPVC doors do offer a certain level of security, when it comes to securing your home composite doors offer an unmatched level of peace of mind.

But why? What exactly is a composite door and why does it offer a substantially increased level of security?

What is a composite door?

In recent years, the composite door industry has grown substantially, becoming the must–have choice for any new build. However, this begs the question a lot of people looking for a new door have asked themselves, what is a composite door?

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Composite doors are doors that are made of more than one material. This allows for the combination of different materials which counteract common problems found in UPVC/Timber doors as well as bringing their own advantages to the door. 

At Apeer our traditional and contemporary doors are made from fibreglass and a high density polyurethane core. While some suppliers may use a different combination of materials, a composite door is any door which uses more than one material.

Fibreglass is incredibly durable, adding to the security of our doors, it is also waterproof, windproof and long lasting.
Fibreglass also does not warp or bow, which is a common problem with PVC doors.

The other material we use is high density polyurethane, which as well as adding strength and security to the door, is an excellent insulator which contributes to the low U–Values of our doors.

Why are composite doors more secure than PVC doors?

With a 70mm thick composite door made of these two materials and our multi–point locking system and our anti–pick, anti–snap cylinders, you have a door that has met the police standard of security with Secured By Design as well as PAS24. On top of this, you also get one of the most thermally efficient doors on the market.

In our composite doors, 2 rollers, 3 hooks, 2 deadbolts and 1 latch, high security system protects your family from intruders.

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How much does a composite door cost?

When considering the cost of composite door, there are several different factors, such as the style, colour and composite door hardware, security extras and size. 

At Apeer our composite doors are fully customisable to your needs. The best way to give yourself a rough estimate of your composite door price is to visit our door builder form – here you can input all the functionality, style and colour according to your own preferences. 

If you have any queries on what a composite door is, you can get in touch with us directly.

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