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  • 10-year-warranty

    10-Year Warranty

  • Secured by Design

    Secured by Design

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    A++ Rated by Design

Accessibility Collection

Accessible Doors

Our accessible range allows ample room for wheelchairs, walking aids and many battery-power mobility scooters. Build your own custom accessible door here at Apeer!

Is the accessibility collection
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Ultion Smart Lock

Our new, highly secure, automatic lock is operated easily from your phone and from a wall mounted keypad. You can set to lock and unlock at the touch of a button. For more details visit:

Glass Choice

All of our accessible doors can be designed with a range of glazing options. Whether you’re looking for a sleek sandblasted look or would like to stick with more traditional designs, you can choose glass to suit your style.

Effortless Maintenance

When accessibility is a priority, you never want to find yourself with inconveniences from paint chipping or flaking off the door. Apeer accessible composite doors are sprayed, bonded, and sealed, keeping maintenance to an absolute minimum.

Accessibility Door Guarantees

Apeer wants to give everyone their dream door. Choosing a custom composite door isn’t just about design. The Apeer team has worked hard to provide a range of features that give you peace of mind, with security and efficiency at the fore.

Apeer Door Ranges - Police approved icon
Police approved

Police Approved

Every Apeer door comes with a multi-point locking system as well as a super-strong, high density polyurethane core that far exceeds all Police-approved security standards.

Apeer Door Ranges - Secured By Design Icon
Secured by design

Secured by Design

Install an Apeer door and you’ll have the weight of our entire design team and security specialists protecting you and your home from intruders. Our doors comfortably exceed all industry standard impact and cut-through tests

Apeer Composite Doors - Robust Contruction Icon
Robust construction

Robust Construction

Every Apeer door comes with high strength from within. An expanded mesh reinforcing is inserted into the super-strong, high density polyurethane core alongside an extremely strong vertical steel bar that together, far exceeds all Police-approved security standards.

Virtually Airtight

Our double sealed rebate is virtually airtight by creating an internal secondary seal.

Apeer Door Ranges - Insulation icon

Extra Insulation

Along with our 70mm super-strong, high insulating polyurethane core, glass elements are triple glazed for extra insulation. We can even gas-fill them for improved thermal performance.

Apeer Door Ranges - Sleeping icon

Rest Easy

Rest easy – our doors are as intruder-proof as they come. Good to know, whether you’re tucked up at home or away for the night. 

What colours do Accessible Composite Doors come in

Apeer offers over 20 different colours for our accessible doors, whether you’re choosing an accessible traditional or modern door. Some of the most popular colours for accessible doors include:

Porcelain Blue
Traffic Purple
Pale Lime
Anthracite Grey
Porcelain Blue
Traffic Purple
Pale Lime
Anthracite Grey

Customers also have the option of choosing a specific colour for the door interior. You can check our free door builder to see all your options

Can I choose what accessories my accessible door has?

Yes. You can choose everything from the frame to the knocker to the letterbox. View our full range of accessible door accessories here.

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