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  • 10-year-warranty

    10-Year Warranty

  • Secured by Design

    Secured by Design

  • A-Rated by Design

    A++ Rated by Design

Explore Apeer Overview

Explore Apeer

Our doors are chosen by homeowners who appreciate exceptional craftsmanship, timeless elegance and built-to-last quality. They quickly discover that all this good stuff means plenty more. A quieter, warmer and stylish home. A more relaxed, peaceful and secure life. 

You’re in safe hands.

Wind-proof. Waterproof. Intruder-proof. Salty-air-proof. Jumping-dog-at-the-postman-proof. Kicking-the-door-shut-with-armfuls-of-shopping-proof. We’ve thought of everything that can go wrong with your door. Then made sure it won’t.

Good for the planet

Sealing heat in while keeping cold out, they are A-Rated by independent testers and far exceed the industry benchmark. By keeping more heat in your home, you’ll keep more cash in your wallet.

Doors with flying colours 

Your front door is the focal point of your home’s facade. But it’s more than just an entrance. It speaks to the world on your behalf. It reflects your personality and stands for the same things you do.

Colour Matching

Your style on show with our unique colour matching technology. What would you colour match to?

Apeer Colour Choice - Colour Matching Grid - mother painting with baby, rainbow fan, baby and puppy, a jar of flowers, pregnant woman painting, chair and side table