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  • 10-year-warranty

    10-Year Warranty

  • Secured by Design

    Secured by Design

  • A-Rated by Design

    A++ Rated by Design

Modo Collection

Modo Doors

Taking inspiration from the latest international design trends, the Apeer Modo collection offers you the chance to have unique stainless steel trim composite doors that make a statement.

With over a dozen steel trim combinations to choose from, the Modo collection could be the perfect fit for your home.

Is the modo collection
right for your home?

Unique Glazing Trims

Designed with steel glazing trims, Modo doors offer a contemporary look on both sides of the door. With the added benefit of the  steel glazing trims being an added security feature, it helps boost the security of a steel trim composite door.

Glass Choice

Modo doors provide you with the option of having over a dozen different glass styles in place. Add to that the chance to have the glass sandblasted with designs, Modo doors look incredibly unique.

Effortless Maintenance

With minimal maintenance needed on the trim to avoid “tea staining” and no upkeep needed on the paint, a new Modo door will never see any signs of flaking or paint cracks.

Modo Guarantees

When the weather takes a turn for the worse, your Modo door would be the last to let you know. Like most other Apeer composite doors, Modo double-sealed doors guarantee sound protection and improved energy efficiency. It’s why Apeer doors are rated A++, known for being up to 7 times more energy efficient.

What colour do Modo doors come in?

Modo composite doors are available in a range of colours. Apeer is all about helping you find the door you want in the exact colour you want. If you’re interested in other composite door colours, you can see what a Modo door can look like in your home by using our free door builder.

Are Modo doors wheelchair accessible?

You can customise your Modo to make it work how it needs to in your home. You can choose from a range of accessories, including the handle, knocker, letterbox & hinge side.

If you are specifically looking at accessible doors, we have a specific accessibility collection that may be of interest.

Building a composite door that’s 100% unique.

Everyone has their own idea of what a composite door should look like. That’s the magic of building an Apeer door. Click here to start using the Apeer Door Builder. And if you have any questions, please click the Enquire Now button in the corner of the page.

Apeer Door Ranges - Police approved icon

Police Approved

Every Apeer door comes with a multi-point locking system as well as a super-strong, high density polyurethane core that far exceeds all Police-approved security standards.

Apeer Door Ranges - Secured By Design Icon

Secured by Design

Install an Apeer door and you’ll have the weight of our entire design team and security specialists protecting you and your home from intruders. Our doors comfortably exceed all industry standard impact and cut-through tests

Apeer Door Ranges - Robust Contruction Icon

Robust Construction

Every Apeer door comes with high strength from within. An expanded mesh reinforcing is inserted into the super-strong, high density polyurethane core alongside an extremely strong vertical steel bar that together, far exceeds all Police-approved security standards.

Apeer Door Ranges - Airtight icon

Virtually Airtight

Our double sealed rebate is virtually airtight by creating an internal secondary seal.

Apeer Door Ranges - Insulation icon

Extra Insulation

Along with our 70mm super-strong, high insulating polyurethane core, glass elements are triple glazed for extra insulation. We can even gas-fill them for improved thermal performance.

Apeer Door Ranges - Sleeping icon

Rest Easy

Rest easy – our doors are as intruder-proof as they come. Good to know, whether you’re tucked up at home or away for the night. 

Build a contemporary door

It’s so easy! Create your dream door and see it on your own home.

Need some inspiration?

If you’re not sure which door best suits you, click below to have a look at our most popular doors styles and colour choices. Or, download our free e-brochure which contains everything you’ll need to know about an Apeer door.