It’s all about the detail for Viking and Apeer


It’s all about the detail for Viking and Apeer

They say no masterpiece is complete without a frame and no one proves that more in the world of composite doors than Isle of Man based Viking Glazing Ltd.

That frame often includes fully bespoke mouldings, ledges and other traditional features, each one individually hand–made by co–founders John Ogle and George Reekie at the company’s Ballasalla factory.

“We only use simple materials like fascia boards and pieces of panelling but the end result is a traditional look that is unique to each customer and looks like the kind of finishing that was often used in traditional houses,” John explained.

“When people are spending a lot of money on a door, they expect it to look special when it is finished and that is what we aim to give them. We make each one individually to suit the house and its surroundings and the homeowners really appreciate the result”.

The ‘masterpiece’ in the case of Viking is composite doors from Apeer and the company has used no other since they began taking them two years ago: “We’d always liked them, then we took a close look on their stand at the FIT Show and took them on immediately,” he said, “They are double rebated for extra weatherproofing and have a lot more adjustments. Compared to them, most other composite doors are not much better than plain wood.

“We have built a reputation all around the island for quality work and the Apeer composite door has got what it takes to uphold that reputation.”

Apeer Marketing Manager Linda Tomb replied: “When we work so hard to produce the best in composite doors, it’s really rewarding to see a customer putting so much effort into making them that little bit extra special. Viking have done some great installations on the island and we always look forward to seeing the finished product.”

Viking’s expertise in creating those special finishing touches doesn’t end with doors however. More recently, it has won the company a large commercial refurbishment contract that has a bespoke piece of gothic trim built into each window frame.

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