Lumi new Slider launched at Grand Designs Birmingham


Lumi new Slider launched at Grand Designs Birmingham

Once again Lumi windows has been a hit at Grand Designs. There was a lot of interest in the Lumi system and the new Lift and Slide door with its triple glazed, aluminium framed, energy efficiency features attracted a lot of interest.

‘’Over the five days of the show we had several visitors interested in the new sliding door’’, comments Linda Tomb, marketing manager, ‘’we designed the stand so the new sliding door was a prime attraction and it has certainly worked. It is part of the Lumi window system and we manufacture the finish so it replicates the seamless effect of the windows. Visitors were amazed how easily the large triple glazed unit panes moved along the track.

We have taken a lot of leads at this show for renovation projects involving a sliding door and windows and we are excited about following these up after the show. The calibre of our Lumi slider is one of the best on the market and will look stunning fitted alongside a set of Lumi windows.’’

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