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  • 10-year-warranty

    10-Year Warranty

  • Secured by Design

    Secured by Design

  • A-Rated by Design

    A++ Rated by Design

A Rated Doors

Save thousands £££ on your heating bills with an Apeer door

For all you know, it could be blowing a
gale outside, lashing rain or hailstones.
Maybe all three at once. But you can’t
hear the wind’s howl or feel the
temperature drop. That’s because you
have an Apeer front door. Triple glazed,
double sealed and twice the thickness of
most others, it effortlessly keeps mother
nature’s wildest tantrums at bay.

Cold as Ice

We carried out a real demonstration to test the energy efficiency of an Apeer door against its closest competitors.

By using large blocks of ice, we conducted a controlled experiment, recreating the typical conditions a UK house experiences in winter time.

The A-Rated Apeer Door performed the best by far. By stopping the warmth of your home from passing through the 70mm Core, the heat is instead pushed back into your home.

Your Apeer Advantage

Apeer Doors are up to 7 times more energy efficient


Gas filled triple or quadruple glazing for improved thermal performance.


Apeer doors are 60% thicker than other doors with a 70mm highly insulating core.


Our double draught seals are virtually airtight by creating an internal secondary seal.


Along with our 70mm super-strong, high insulating polyurethane core, glass elements can be triple or quadruple glazed for extra insulation. We can even gas-fill them for improved thermal performance.


Apeer doors are 60% thicker than other doors in the market, so they keep more noise outside and greater warmth within. Sealing heat in while keeping cold out, they are A-rated by independent testers and far exceed the Industry benchmark. By keeping more heat in your home, you’ll keep more cash in your wallet.

Double Draught Seals

Our double sealed rebate is virtually airtight by creating an internal secondary seal. Having one of the world’s most energy efficient doors is a smart decision for wise heads. But it’s the way it repels the blatter of rain and silences the wind’s howl that warms the heart. Fingers and toes too.


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