What Does the Colour of Your Composite Door Say About You?


What Does the Colour of Your Composite Door Say About You?

First impressions are important when it comes to your home, you want to set the tone from the very first encounter with your front door. We understand that when choosing your front door there are a lot of elements to consider, durability, safety, style and most importantly colour. Choosing the colour of your front door should be fun and exciting, as it all comes down to your own personal taste.  

However, choosing your colour and adding your personal stamp to your home can also say a lot about you and your personality. Guests will make an assumption ten seconds after seeing your front door, so it’s important to make a statement and tell them who you are. To make this decision easier for you, we thought we would enlighten you on what each colour means, so you can feel comfortable and satisfied knowing you are choosing the right door colour for you.

Yellow Door Meaning

apeer yellow composite door 1

Want to set the tone of happiness and joy? Yellow is a vibrant and uplifting colour that creates that perfect first impression of optimism within your household and offers that welcoming feeling to any guest that arrives at your door. People with yellow personalities are considered to be perfectionists who dream big and have high expectations. A yellow front door is often a rare choice but a striking one that takes a certain personality to pull off!

Grey Door Meaning

C7 APTS25 SB27 Anthracite Grey

The colour grey once was recognised as a dull and bland colour that carried some negative connotations. However, this colour has now strongly evolved into an extremely popular colour choice for not only front doors but for all home interiors. Grey has now transfused into a sleek, mysterious and strong colour that now features in most households as a central colour. Choosing grey for your front door will instantly add that sense of mystery to your home but also that dignified ambience. 

Red Door Meaning

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Are you an energetic and passionate person? Let your guests know this instantaneously by choosing a red door for your home. A classical common colour choice for a door, red has been identified as traditional, welcoming and dominant amongst all other colour choices. Red will set your house out amongst the rest, highlighting your striking personality.

Blue Door Meaning

T6 APL2 BO510 Set 10 4k 1

Blue has long been symbolised as a calming and peaceful colour. If you want to offer your guests the perfect welcome, choosing a blue door projects a sense of elegance and tranquillity about your home. The beauty of a blue door is that it indicates intelligence and responsibility as a person, telling your guests exactly the type of person you are.

Pink Door Meaning

APM2 Pink V2 min

If you are deciding on the colour pink for your front door then you love making a statement. A pink door signifies fun-loving energy and warmth but also has that sense of softness and approachability. Pink is the type of colour that can be used to draw attention but also have your guests feeling a sense of warmth when they come across your doorway. With many shades to choose from, pink is becoming a popular favourite.

Green Door Meaning

Green Front Door

Do you want your door to represent freshness and prosperity? Green is the perfect colour for this. Often a colour that is associated with nature, a green door has been a long-chosen favourite, with multiple shades, offering a fresh new take each time. For the type of person you are, a green door emanates ambitiousness and traditional values. If this is a bit of you, then you need a Green door!

White Door Meaning

C8 APTS16 RG21 White

The colour white has always been universally recognised as a clean and simple colour. A classic choice but one that never dates. A white door is a perfect way to tell your guests your home is fresh, welcoming and engraves a sense of newness within it. Choosing a white door conveys a new beginning or fresh start, so perhaps the perfect colour for your new home or new door. Let your neighbours know your home represents you; clean, serene and organised.

Orange Door Meaning

C9 APTS25 SB27 Orange

Is your home filled with vitality, fun and adventure? Orange is a vibrant and statement colour that will have all your neighbours stopping and staring, but also intrigued to know more about your home. A hard colour to pull off but a success if you do, an orange door is warm and portrays to your guests that you are a host who likes to entertain, and that fun is always guaranteed.

Purple Door Meaning

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Do you pride yourself in your ability to be creative and open? Then let a purple door tell your guests this. The most visible wavelength out of all of the colours in the rainbow, a purple door will definitely add character to your home due to its richness in colour and ability to signify power and strength. With the perfect garden, a purple door can be that extra bit of colour that ties both the exterior and interior of your home together, complimenting your design efforts.

Black Door Meaning

D4 DMM2 RG212 Set 21 min

Like grey, a black door provides that sense of mystery, however with intense energy and sophistication. The colour black is known to evoke emotions like anger and sadness but collaborated with a strong composite door, black can convey elegance, class and sleekness to your home. A colour that is sharp, rich and never dates, a black door is not a safe option, it is a bold choice that takes a home with character and refined taste to pull off perfectly.

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