How To Hang Door Wreaths Without Damaging Your Front Door


How To Hang Door Wreaths Without Damaging Your Front Door

How To Hang Door Wreaths Without Damaging Your Front Door
How To Hang Door Wreaths Without Damaging Your Front Door

How To Hang Door Wreaths

Christmas wreath, autumn wreath, spring wreath, summer wreath – hanging beautiful door wreaths off front doors has become a bit of a tradition over the last few years. More and more people choose to welcome their guests in this charming way.

However, when deciding to add a wreath to our doors, we can’t help but ask ourselves how to do it without damaging the front door – after all, there’s nothing on the door itself to help us attach it easily.

We are here to help answer precisely that. We’ll share some of the more traditional ways & introduce you to our clever and damage-free way of hanging door wreaths.

How to hang a door wreath on a front door

Hanging wreaths to a door doesn’t have to involve nails and hammers – much safer methods are available. So, how do you attach a wreath to a door in a convenient way? Here are our five easy and convenient methods.

1. Adhesive Hooks and Strips

One traditional way to attach door wreaths to front doors is by using adhesive hooks or strips. These hooks have a sticky backing that adheres to the door’s surface and are a popular choice as they can be attached to the door without causing any damage. One of the advantages of using adhesive hooks is that they are available in various sizes and strengths and can accommodate different wreath weights. Attaching them to the door is easy, too – simply press the adhesive side firmly against the door and then hang the wreath on the hook. While adhesive hooks are easy to use and remove, weather conditions can affect their effectiveness.

2. Over-the-Door Wreath Hangers

Over-the-door wreath hangers are another classic option. These are metal or plastic hooks designed to hang over the top of the door, with a curved hook at the bottom to hold the wreath in place. Over-the-door hangers work well for standard-sized doors and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor wreaths; however, some hangers may scratch the door’s surface, and not all doors have enough clearance for this type of attachment.

3. Wreath Hangers with Suction Cups

Wreath hangers with suction cups are also commonly used for attaching wreaths to glass or smooth surfaces. The suction cup adheres to the door’s surface when pressed firmly, and the hook holds the wreath securely in place. While these hangers are easy to use and remove, they can lose suction at certain temperatures or with prolonged exposure to sunlight.

4. Ribbon or Floral Wire

A more DIY method involves using ribbons or floral wire to attach the wreath to the front door. Simply tie a ribbon or wire securely around the wreath’s frame, then loop the other end around the top of the door or its knocker. This method allows for flexibility in wreath placement and works well for irregularly shaped wreaths; however, it requires some skill and might not be as secure as other options. It is also worth noting that this method might not work well for doors without knockers.

5. Magnetic Wreath Hooks/Hangers

Magnetic wreath hangers are a relatively newer way of hanging wreaths to doors. This method works by placing the magnets on either side of the door, with a hook outside for the wreath. The downside of this option is that magnets usually only give a strong enough force to hold the wreath if they are placed on either side of glass that’s thin enough.

6. Apeer’s Magnetic Wreath Hanging System

Apeer’s latest innovation in composite doors is our new door feature. Our built-in magnetic system allows door wreaths to effortlessly hang on the front door, without any risk of damage and without any adhesive or drilling being required. Our door features two powerful embedded magnets with convenient attachments for the door wreath. The secure connection between the two system parts ensures a strong and safe display even during gusty weather.

Apeer’s Magnetic Wreath Hanging System
Apeer’s Magnetic Wreath Hanging System

Looking for a seamless and secure way to display your wreath? Just hold the door wreath up to the door and let the magnet system do its magic! Hanging door wreaths has never been easier or more damage-free, thanks to Apeer. Embrace the joy of seasonal and festive wreaths adorning your door without any of the hustle of hanging wreaths, and watch as your neighbourhood comes to life with vibrant charm and warmth!

You can find out more about Apeer’s door features here.

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