Demystifying Composite Stable Doors


Demystifying Composite Stable Doors

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Demystifying Composite Stable Doors

Having a stable door in your home is a lovely little luxury. It provides a unique and rustic feeling while also giving you a door that can handle the seasons. We frequently get asked about composite stable doors from customers who are thinking of upgrading the likes of their back doors but aren’t quite sure if a composite stable door is the right fit.

If you’ve been looking at an Apeer composite stable door and think it could be the one for your home, let’s take you through some of the most common questions and points raised by customers. Hopefully, it’ll answer anything you’ve had on your mind and will show what makes this door style so special.

Can you have a composite stable door as a front door?

Of course, you can! The beauty of Apeer is that you can design a stable door to match your exact needs. If that means you need a letterbox, want a window, or have a frame type to best match your exterior, our door builder can help you mix & match until you find the door you need.

They’re also a great option as a front door for anyone working from home, especially in the warmer months when you want to let air in but don’t want to run the risk of pets scampering off.

How secure are composite stable doors?

We like to say that Apeer doors have a lot going on, and its hiding in plain sight, and when you don’t notice some of the safety features our composite stable doors have, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

One important feature is the increased security that the multi-point locking system provides. Think of it like the locking mechanism you get on glazed window systems. The same applies to our stable doors, and you can click here to learn about the security features of our doors.

Are composite stable doors sturdy?

They’re incredibly sturdy. Our doors are made using a mixture of materials, but the bulk of the door is made of fibreglass, with a high-density, metal mesh reinforced polyurethane core that becomes rock-hard to give you a secure door. On the other end, some uPVC stable doors on the market will just have a Styrofoam core.

How much is a composite stable door?

Every Apeer composite door is unique. The price is determined on a few factors, including:

  • Design of the door
  • Window options
  • Colours used
  • Additional design features you need

If you’re working within a budget, we recommend creating a few options so that we can then put you in touch with local approved retailers who can give you a good deal on an Apeer door.

What are the disadvantages of a composite stable door?

None that we can really think of. If you’ve had traditional stable doors in the home, you might find them a little tricky to clean. The way paint is applied to our doors allows for easier cleaning and maintenance. You can read more about maintaining a composite door here.

Thinking of a composite stable door for your home?

If you are unsure about the security of your door and are seeking alternative options, get in touch with us now, and we would be happy to take you through our dooring options and what best will suit your home. We have a great variety of colours and styles, all coming with the highest security features!

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