Five things to consider when choosing a new door


Five things to consider when choosing a new door

Autumn is the season when most people consider changing their front door – the evenings are starting to draw in, kids are back at school, and Christmas is just around the corner with visitors, carol singers and of course, the family coming round for the big day.

Here are 5 things to consider before you make that all important purchase:

1)     Price

Although having a budget is a good idea, don’t focus all your research and efforts on price.  Focus on quality above everything else.  A cheap front door is all well and good but it’ll always turn out to be a false economy –
essentially you’re paying for low quality materials, insulation and security.

2)     Design

Consider the age and style of the property and try to keep within those boundaries.  If the door doesn’t suit the property it may alter the perception of your house and you’ll end up disliking it.

If you live in a listed building or a conservation area you may be limited on options of style and materials, however check with the local councils as most quality door manufacturers can supply doors to suit with different specifications.

Door styles these days range from the traditional 6 panel Victorian door to ultra modern and sleek designs with fingerprint recognition locks.  And the range of colours nowadays is limitless.  Consider all suppliers as there is bound to be a door to suit you.

3)     Material

For today’s busy lifestyles low maintenance is key so a fibreglass composite door will give you that authentic timber finish without the hassle of repainting every year.  For a more modern look, steel and aluminium doors are a great choice.

If maintenance isn’t an issue then solid timber doors are also popular.  The main concern with a timber door is their strength against water damage, and reactions to temperature fluctuations during the summer months.

4)     Security

Composite doors are a great choice here too.  With numerous brands available you have a choice of materials and the great features which they all carry are strength, resilience and durability.

When choosing a lock it should at least be anti–pick, anti–snap and anti–bump.  Secured by Design options are also available.

5)     Size

No two doors are the same size, so it’s important to research carefully as some styles and specs are not available in certain sizes.  Also options for sidelights and toplights can be limited so should also be considered. 
There is nothing worse than finding the perfect door for your home and learning it’s not available in the size you require.

If you would like help with choosing your front door and need more details on any of the above and how Apeer doors can be the best choice for you, please email us at,
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