Sun and Fun


Sun and Fun

Summer is here and its time to have some fun with your front door! Keep it happy with a bright sunshine colour, or add a colourful glass design to keep that lazy, happy summer time feeling all year round.

With the kids off school in July and August we may not not look much at our front door, but consider how many more times it’s being used with kids in and out, friends coming to visit, and family members helping out with looking after the kids while you’re at work.

Keep your door in tip top summer condition by oiling the hinges lightly once a year, and a drop of oil in the lock keeps it working perfectly.

Wash down your door with warm soapy water – make a game of it and get the kids involved! Just don’t use harsh abrasive cleaners as they will damage the surface of your door.

Follow these simple steps and your door will survive the summer holiday months and be ready to embrace the cold dark days of winter.

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