Why you should always ask questions before ordering a door.


Why you should always ask questions before ordering a door.

These days it has gotten much easier to assume that products are made to a high standard, but these assumptions can be dangerous and leave you with an inferior product that is not what you were looking for.

It’s easy to assume that all composite doors are more or less equal and that it’s effectively a matter of style, aesthetics and what seems to be the most important, price that affect who they choose to purchase their door from. Is this true? While it does seem that the industry as a whole has become more trustworthy, it’s not worth taking the risk of assuming. 

So, some advice;

Always ask questions; even if it’s something you’d expect as standard with your door, it’s always worth asking to prevent a nasty suprise later down the line. It’s worth checking that every aspect of your door is high quality and that there have been no corners cut to save on price. Items like cylinders and locks are easily overlooked but can make a world of difference to your security. 

It’s also worth asking about any unique requests you have for your door. We can offer custom paint options, matched to RAL or BS numbers as well as bespoke glass units made to match your requests, so it’s definitely worth inquiring about with your installer, as in some cases if you don’t ask, they might not mention it and you might be left unaware of an offering you would have loved to take advantage of. 

The last factor worth inquiring about is price, what are you getting for your money? If you’ve been pricing around and one company is offering a significantly lower price for a seemingly similar product, chances are that you’ve either got very lucky or the quality of the product is not the same. It’s always worth asking to make sure that your door will be guaranteed, that it is hard wearing and that it is made of good, long–lasting materials as well as if it’s single or double rebated. 

 I hope this blog article helps to inform you when it comes to being smart and informed when purchasing a new door for your house and avoiding potential mistakes that could prove disastrous and leave you with a door you’re not happy with. 

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