When you’re buying a new composite door for your home, it’s worth putting in the effort to make sure the doors going to be right for you, whether that’s the right style or whether it’s a door in your favourite shade of pink.

Composite doors never need to be repainted so if you can get the right colour, you’d never have to worry about painting your door ever again. We’ve included our complete range of Standard and Premium colour options below, as well as the nearest RAL/BS reference!

Standard Colour Range

Anthracite Grey – Close to RAL7016

Light Grey – Close to RAL7035

Black – Close to RAL8022

Steel Blue – Close to RAL5011

Dark Red – Close to RAL3011

Rosewood – RAL8012 (base colour)

Oak – RAL8001 (base colour)

White – Close to RAL9016


Burgundy – Close to RAL3005

Chartwell Green – BS 14 C 35

Dark Green – Close to RAL6009

Premium Colour Range

Traffic Red – RAL 3020

Mandarin Orange – BS06E51

Green Mist – BS12B17

Pale Lime – BC12E51

Traffic Yellow – RAL 1023

Traffic Purple – RAL 4006

Light Blue – RAL 5012

Turquoise Blue – RAL

Pale Lilac – BS24C33

Orchid Pink – BS04C33

Custom Colour Matching

Why restrict yourself to a limited colour range when there are an infinite amount of colours to choose from? We can colour match to RAL or British Standard references so if there’s a special colour you’re looking for, you show us, we’ll match it!

Apeer Colour Range

Whether your dream door is pink, yellow or green, we’ll do whatever we can to provide you with your dream door. If you’d like a quote for one of our doors, check out our Door Builder! While the options on our Door Builder are limited to our Standard and Premium colour ranges, once one of our Approved Retailers get in touch, you can speak to them about any custom requirements you’d like.

Check out our Door Builder here:

And our new video on colour matching here:

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